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Tungsten Alloy Multi-leave Shielding

Tungsten Alloy Multi-leave Shielding
Tungsten Alloy Multi-leave Shielding
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What is tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding?

Tungsten Alloy Multi-leave Shielding is a type of implement generally applied in Medical radiation therapy. Radiation therapy has significantly evolved in terms of technology and theory owing to the advancement of high-tech. Tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding is considered to be significant breakthrough.

Benefits of tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding

Tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding is extensively utilized in medical owing to its high shielding impact. Tungsten alloy is a type of greater- density metal material, and has the role of protecting radioactive material. Tungsten metal possesses better density of 18.5g/cc that is similar to that of Uranium and Gold, but it is much more inexpensive than gold. Rare metal embodies a greater density than tungsten, but the availability of rare metal on earth is quite low and infeasible to exploit. Emergance of powder metallurgy facilitates the manufacturing of tungsten alloy. Tungsten reserve on earth is abundant . Tungsten alloy offers the better prospect of development and advancement. Tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding is one of its functional area in medical applications.

How dose tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding realize its radiation protection?

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Tungsten alloy is the perfect material of blocking X-ray and gamma-ray.

Lowering down the physical thickness of tungsten alloy does not change its shielding impact. In some conditions, thickness of tungsten alloy is almost two thirds of lead. This benefit of tungsten alloy shielding is quite significant. Tungsten heavy alloy multiplies the quantity of leave in multi-leave collimators. With the augmentation of leave, the detection accuracy of multi-leave collimators can be enhanced. Application of tungsten alloy multi-leave shielding can allow to detect accurately patient, more pertinence.

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